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The Chronological Steam Engine


So, today I made a decision: I started a sub project called Red Spheroid. My hope is to get usable results faster with smaller portions of goals. My own feature wishlist for Pressure gets bigger and bigger, but on the other side I need a Ruby/Rails based CMS for some projects. Red Spheroid shall be a solution.


Setup of a public repository for later usage (reserve the name ;o)

No commits of code to github actually!


Minor styling fixes here (for IE only, of course -.-)


Two weeks over and the project is still active! Hooray!

Actually not really interesting stuff for now, but small important steps were done. (Like account and session system made with Devise/CanCan gems.)

More infos in german here: blogcraft / Pressure - Statusreport #00001

Also take a look into the activity stream in redmine.


Pressure gets a face more and more. What your see here, is a first styling option (maybe the default stylesheet for future usage). While the whole Pressure project is in heavy development, it can change, of course!

Also the IE (Internet Explorer) will not show the theme correctly, but I haven't fixed it yet in Presure development tree.

Some background information for the system: Mentioned above, Pressure is running on a Rails framework. I'm using actually the new version, Rails 3. Also the underlying Ruby version is the newest shit, it's 1.9.2! So I know, nowadays it has not widely spread on all Ruby/Rails hoster, but will in future. Mainly, Pressure will be for self hosting environments. As an example, somebody will run a bloghosting service like

Another big change is the used database, Pressure uses MongoDB (made accessible in Rails via Mongoid and not MongoMapper). I prefer NoSQL stuff for object / document based content managment system.
One main feature of Pressure is the multi domain / site capability like the actual Wordpress 3 has natively build in, but with no special extension to set up different domains. But I don't prefer the subfolder opportunity, so it's missing (maybe if desired, I can implement it, too).

Also the multi language feature is build in, so Pressure can handle international sites with different languages if it's desired.

If you think you have another cool feature Pressure should support, please write me an email to:
pressure-dev (at) dinarrr (dot) com

German visitors can go to my blog mentioned above and leave a comment under a blog post (also english visitors can do, too! ;o).


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Let's have some Pressure on our Rubies!